• Description

The vertical blinds are very often being installed by corporations or institutions. That is because the most common colours available in the market are white, grey or beige, which gives people the impression of an organised, formal atmosphere.

However, vertical blinds can also inspire brilliant home design solutions. The vertical appearance of a vertical blind makes a small living area looks higher and airier, we offer wide range of colors that give your home a fresh, spacious feeling.

A vertical blind is less likely to collect dust as it stands vertically. Since it’s drawn to the side rather than being rolled up or pulled down, it works better for windows that slide sideways, and would require less muscle strength to adjust it.

Louvres are normally weighted at the bottom and connected to each other by chains that are fitted near the bottom of the louvres. Louvres can be made in a variety of materials. Woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics are used as the base to which specialist coatings are applied to endow the fabric with additional performance features. Such features include solar protective coatings for improved solar and optical performance and flame retardant coatings. Totally opaque fabrics are available in a variety of substrates for blackout purposes.